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Cheryl Hartley

Hi Neighbor.... Welcome!

Cheryl Hartley

Hi Neighbor.... Welcome!

Join us in our Mighty Network for Cannabis Advocates, Hempreneurs and those who are "Canna-Curious"

About Us:

Right now, many of us are struggling...

Things are changing faster than most of us can keep up with.  Safety nets are disappearing, and it's hard to find the truths that empower us.  We need to move beyond the fear and uncertainty and into a more balanced and loving reality.  We long for more balance, calm, trust, peace of mind, nutrition, rest, and relief, yes?  

We started the Laughing Apothecary Community to bring together the "Canna-Curious" and Hempreneurs to:

  1. Make it easy for people and their pets to get affordable access to life-changing Hemp CBD, Ayurvedic Superfoods & Essential Oils. 
  2. Work smarter and more efficiently as a result of hearing inspiring stories, experiences and ideas from inside a booming industry that has the products and income potential everyone needs in order to achieve financial freedom.
  3. Share hard-to-find information that inspires us to strengthen our immunity, while we activate deep healing.

We are focused on three major ways we can protect ourselves during a viral epidemic and economic shut down: 

  • Prevent infection by using non-toxic remedies (examples are in our posts)  while sharing hope and inspiration.
  • Support the body and community during the illness to maximize survival options and best case probabilities.
  • Find new ways to make money by leveraging our done-with-you - automated marketing solutions like our "Profiles to Profit" Lead-generating program for Hemp CBD Advocates.

How we help:

The financial and social consequences of the current outbreak are heartbreaking and astronomical.  I believe that the current knowledge about non-toxic anti-viral strategies, the uses and benefits of Hemp CBD, and common sense preventative measures will see us though this time quickly and stronger than ever.

We use this time to make meaningful shifts - and hope you join us.

One of the best ways we can feel better AND make more money is to set up an online Hemp CBD business.  Our community will explore the many ways this can be done, and how you can plug into a proven process to get started quickly and easily.

To help you share the good news about the healing and earning potential of Hemp CBD, we give you access to exclusive, vetted connections and knowledge that help you make money from a home-based CBD Business

Here's to wishing you well, Cheers!

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